Photo by followthevane 
Zarautz, Spain

Photo by followthevane 

Zarautz, Spain

Happy Birthday Arthur Lee!

"A House is Not a Motel" a LOVE cover by The Entrance Band -

Back in the Pazific 

Video by PANDO- Pandora Decoster
Songs for Luci by Paz Lenchantin

Digital download of Songs for Luci is available on iTunes

Paz Lenchantin - Songs for Luci

for limited edition (1000) 
130gm vinyl with compact disc 
2 color serigraph on French paper 



surfy illuminati 
by pandora decoster

1. Jurgen Muller “Sea Bead Meditation”
2. Bitchin’ Bajas “Zone 4”
3. Brian Eno “Here He Comes”
4. Can “Tango Whiskeyman”
5. Ravi Shankar “Back to Earth”
6. Marvin Gaye “Sad Tomorrow’s (B-Side version)
7. Scott Walker “The Old Man’s Back Again”
8. Black Sabbath “Planet Caravan”
9. Jurgen Muller “Coral Fantasy”
10. A.R. & Machines (?)
11. Ghost “Fukeiga”
12. Robert Wyatt “Muddy Mouse/Solar Flares”
13. Sun Ra “Black is Beautiful”
14. Django Reinhardt “Where Are You, My Love?”
15. Jimi Hendrix “Hear My Train A-Comin’ (acoustic)”
16. The Kinks “There’s a New World Just Opening For Me”
17. Maureen Tucker “Concerto in D Major”
18. David Bowie “A New Career in a New Town”
19. Jurgen Muller “Oxygen Bubbles”
20. Cluster “Zum Wohl”

Violinist Jascha Heifetz playing in Mili’s darkened studio as light attached to his bow traces the bow movement.

Photo by Gjon Mili, 1952 

Red Feather on a Blue Swan
(a love story to be written) 

-Photo by Dora Geanne

Red Feather on a Blue Swan

(a love story to be written) 

-Photo by Dora Geanne

Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador